Meet Our Family


Brent Rolston

Brent created BNR Cleaning. He does the planning, cleaning, customer service and everything that makes the business function smoothly. Brent loves to always learn and develop systems to make the business grow. As a family man, he thrives from the support and smiles of his wife and two daughters.


Noni Rolston

Noni is the one who looks after the paperwork of BNR Cleaning, as well as booking Brent’s schedule. The name she goes by the most is Mom, and is kept busy by her two little girls.


Raya Rolston

Raya is our princess. She loves everything sparkly, shiny and pink! She is very good at helping her mom around the house and is absolutely loving being in Kindergarten this year.


Harli Rolston

Harli likes to test out the tools in the trailer. She puts all the tools in Brent’s toolbox where she thinks they should be. Harli is also in charge of making sure the windows of our house are full of fingerprints.